Psiloc World Traveller for Nokia 9300/9500 1.70

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Current weather and the latest four-day forecast of 1800 the most popular business and travel locations worldwide, local exchange rates of 140 currencies, world clock and world map.
With such an array of features World Traveller will come very handy if you operate on an international scale. Stay at the top of your international travels!

With a database of 1800 locations worldwide the application brings detailed information about the home and destination sites on four convenient screens:

  • Clock including local time, date, time relative to GMT, distance, country/area codes, etc.
  • Weather including current weather and a four-day forecast (updated twice a day)
  • Money including local exchange rates of 140 currencies
  • Map including a convenient database browser with the world map pinpointing locations and moving night/day zonesClock

    A graphic clock is combined with a database of 1800 locations worldwide. Edit the existing locations to suit your needs or add new ones directly in the database.

    In the Clock screen you can:

  • set central system time for all applications on your handset
  • set your home and destination anytime with ease
  • change home locations and see time and date adjust automatically
  • edit existing cities and territories and add new ones
  • select two or four clocks to be displayed at onceWeather

    Updated twice a day, the current weather and a four-day outlook of 1800 locations worldwide show five features: day and night temperature, sunshine, clouds, rain, wind and air pressure. Use the Options menu to select other locations than your current home site. The helpful world map comes in handy with exact locations of all selectable sites and site-specific info plus the clock with local time.

    Weather data sources are download from Global Forecast System and studied by National Centers for Environmental Prediction, Camp Springs, Maryland, US.


    With 140 local exchange rates the user can compare up to four currencies of choice. The Options menu shows a list with symbols and names of currencies. The rates are updated daily by our content provider,, but you may want to be even more up to date and edit the rates manually.


    The map provides a convenient database browsing experience. Select a location and the map will display the site with any information there is so that you can look up the local telephone prefix, time and other useful information. You will be able to reach people on their arrival to the office or just before leaving it at the end of a business day and you will never again find yourselves calling a person who is sound asleep in the middle of the night.